Emergency Preparedness

Living in Florida, I have become accustomed to an occasional disastrous hurricane here and there. No big deal, right? When I was younger, I lived through Hurricane Andrew in Miami and witnessed devastation first hand. The one thing I knew growing up, was to watch the weather channel and always be prepared for hurricanes. This year was different. As Hurricane Michael approached the gulf coast of Florida, a harsh reality hit… what would I do if we lost power for food?

Let’s face it… my Color Me Sensible diet has placed me in the position of eating freshly prepared meals and refrigerated meals. There is not much in the way of non perishable items that really fit into the Color Me Sensible diet lifestyle. So .. I set out on a mission to discover ways that people like me can prepare for disasters and keep themselves safe and healthy. Here are some of the tips and suggestions I have come up with. Hopefully they can give you some ideas for your your own disaster preparedness.

  1. Canned Meat Items
    • This is definitely an item that you can tailor to your own. I went with Chicken Breast and Tuna myself. There are so many other options you can choose from. I also got some extra condiments from a sandwich shop in order to tailor these items and keep them nonperishable. My goal was to make some sort of Chicken or Tuna Salad and eat them with some Gluten-Free Crackers. Keep in mind, if you have no refrigeration you will need to eat it in one sitting, so I went with small cans just in case. There are so many other options, so just keep an eye out on the ingredients and have fun with it.
  1. Nuts & Trail Mixes
    • Nuts are a great source of protein that is nonperishable. There are so many options and varieties to choose from. Decide based on what your diet can handle and go from there.
    • Trail mixes are also a great source of protein and energy that are nonperishable. They offer a variety of options to include dried fruits and granola pieces as well. EnjoyLife has great trail mix options that are major allergen free. Feel free to check them out.
    • Dried Fruits & Vegetables are also a good option to add to your nonperishable list. They offer nutrition and variety to your Color Me Sensible diet. Keep in mind family allergens and just be creative.
  2. Cereal
    • Never underestimate the role that cereals can play in nutrition during your day. There are multiple companies that make Gluten-Free and Allergen Friendly cereals to spice up your nonperishable diet.
    • If you want to get really creative feel free to mix cereals, nuts, and other items together to make some great trail mixes that are nutritious and packed with energy.
  3. Cereal Bars
    • There are several companies that offer Gluten-Free options for cereal bars that will offer some variety and options to your Color Me Sensible diet.


Remember this is just a general idea list for you to get ideas to include in your own disaster preparedness kit.

Above all else be safe when it comes to preparing for disasters.

  1. Make sure that you have a plan for yourself and your family members.
  2. Make sure that you have a list of all current medications and medical issues for all family members.
  3. Make sure to have resources available to you in case things go awry.
  4. Make sure to have important documents and emergency contact information handy as needed.

Help each other through times of need and work together as a community.