Egg-Free Diet

Egg-Free Diets are those diets that refrain from the use of all forms of eggs and egg byproducts. The protein in eggs is mostly responsible for the allergies associated from eggs, and sometimes it is possible to only be allergic to raw eggs as the protein changes when it has been cooked. However, if an allergy is problematic enough it is recommended to eliminate all forms of eggs from your diet. The trick is to know that there are multiple listings on labels for eggs and its byproducts, so be careful. Here is a list of the common identifiers to look for on labels to check for the presence of these egg products.

egg whites, egg yolks, whole eggs, egg powder, egg solids, lecithin, albumin, ovalbumin, ovomucin, lysozyme, livetin, globulin, ovoglobulin, ovovitellin

Yes I know that some of these words are really hard to remember, but it is essential to understand that there is more to eggs than just eggs. It is also important to understand that eggs are used in ways that some people just don’t realize. Breads and pastries are commonly brushed with egg-wash to close the pastry up and to provide a shine to finished pastries. This however, is not always disclosed on the product packaging. Be mindful and understand that there are also certain medications and vaccinations that actually contain egg products. Make sure that you disclose egg allergies to your medical teams in order to make sure that there are not any reactions to treatment plans.

Eggs act as binders in most recipes and it holds an essential structural component for baked goods. Not to fear though, there are multiple options when it comes to substituting for eggs in recipes that will be discussed in a separate post.