4th of July

My family and I wanted to extend a heartfelt Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans. Growing up this was one of my favorite holidays. Memories of great times with great friends and families, amazing food, and priceless laughs for all. This year was undeniably different. There would be barbeques going all around the area with great food and it would smell great! However, that food was out of my reach. No worries, with a few tricks up my sleeve, I was not going to let this holiday get away from me.

Instead of going the traditional barbeque route, we went for some oven baked chicken with some great sauce on it. This allows me to take off the skin and really control how much grease I have. There was no foregoing baked beans, but by removing the traditional bacon inside and on top of it, I was able to eat it just fine. My mom made an amazing potato salad to always go with the meal, and I was not going to skip out on it. So instead of using mayo like she did, I used my poppyseed dressing and i must say it got pretty close to her amazing potato salad.

For treats, my son helped me to make Patriotic Gluten-Free Orange Chocolate Chip Scones. By taking the original Sensible Scones recipe and adding some food coloring, you can create some pretty cool designs.

While this 4th of July wasn’t like I had growing up, it was full of amazing new traditions and memories to share going forward. As I continue on my journey I am sure i will have more to look forward to and new traditions to make. So I encourage you, make your own memories and make new traditions. Just because you are on a Color Me Sensible Diet, does not mean that the holidays can’t be full of Nutritious & Delicious!


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